Carpet Cleaning

Step 1

Carpets are vacuumed using a commercial vacuum.  this is an extremely important part of the process to successfully dry clean your carpet.

Step 2

Lounge suite and beds will be moved * to one side of the room and then moved back into position after the clean.

Step 3
Stain Removal
If you can identify the stains please advise me, so that I can remove with the correct remover.  I have a full range of stain removers (from blood to rust reverser) so if the cause of stain is unknown I can try a range of products. Not all stains can be removed.

Step 4
Dry Cleaning Carpets
Cleaned using a small amount of very hot water.  During this process other stain removal will be undertaken.  Oil and grease, blue tac and stubborn dirty marks.

Step 5
Carpet Grooming
If the carpet is not a loop or commercial carpet, pile will be lifted with a carpet groomer to assist the drying process.

Carpet dry fast using this process, so can be walked on and enjoyed in a very short space of time.


Upholstery Cleaning

Step 1
Upholstery is vacuumed with a purpose built upholstery vacuum to remove all loose dirt and hair (including pet fur/hair).

Step 2
Stains are removed.  If you can identify the stain please advise me, so that I can remove with the correct remover. I have a full range of stain removers, so if the cause of stain is unknown, I can try a range of products.

Step 3
Upholstery is sprayed with a dirt release solution and rubbed with a wet upholstery mitten to activate the solution. An extractor is used to suck out dirt and excess moisture. A deodorizer is applied at this stage.

Step 4
Cushions will be left up resting on frame (if loose) to allow airflow and assist the drying process.

Upholstery will dry fast and can be used in a matter of hours.
* Large beds will only be moved if on wheels.




Leather Cleaning

Leather is a strong fabric, but can be quite delicate to clean. It is important that there are very few or no cracks in the leather.  Cracks absorb dirt and cannot be cleaned.

Step 1
Leather upholstery is cleaned by hand using a good quality leather cleaning product and soft brush. Small areas are cleaned at a time, to ensure that all the dirt and grime is removed.

Step 2
After cleaning, I apply a quality leather conditioner to nourish the leather and restore its natural oils. I recommend waiting a couple of hours before relaxing on your freshly cleaned leather.

To maintain leather in good condition, I recommend leather be nourished 6 monthly, if in warm position, or 12 monthly in a cooler environment.